Tail of the Dragon (Tennessee)

The dragon is also known as the Deals Gap and is believed to be among the best motorcycle roads in America. It is an 11 miles stretch of the US Route. The Deals Gap reminds you of a dragon. It also has over three hundred curves and some have been giving nicknames. They are really funny nicknames like Copperhead Corner, Gravity Cavity among others. Initially, the speed limit was 55mph was reduced to 35mph in 2005. Those who are not able to tame the dragon attach motorcycle parts to a shrine known as the tree of shame. 


Cherohala Skyway (Tennessee and North Carolina)

The road stretches 43 miles from Tellico Plains to Robbinsville. It’s also commonly known as Overhill Skyway and is also a national scenic. The highway runs through Cherokee National Forest and Nantahala National Forest. Sometimes I think bits called a skyway because it goes up to 5400 ft high. Like the dragon, it has many curves but this time without nicknames. During the night, the road has little traffic. The road is dangerous during the winter. It provides several viewpoints vistas and recreational facilities. 

Twisted Sisters

Unlike the dragon tail, this one is quite simple and mainly for amateur riders. Twisted Sisters is actually a group of 3 motorcycle roads; Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337 found in Texas Hills. They were nicknamed the Twisted Sisters as the loop around Texas ranches, hills, and valleys. The looping provides for panoramic views. There is one 15 mile stretch that has 65 curves. Its beauty amazes everyone who is lucky to ride there. The byway provides various attraction sites that are worth visiting. The sites include the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum, Lost Maples State Natural Area and Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. They are must stops.


Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia and North Carolina)

This highway is unbelievably 469 miles long. The Blue Ridge Parkway extends from 29 Virginia and North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Mountains it is named after. Due to its elevations and sharp curves, a speed limit of 45mph has been set. Most people ride on the highway for one day though there are a few people who ride in a day. Before deciding to ride on it, it is important to know that the highway does not have gas stations. Along the way, the trees change from oak and hickory to conifers. Many of the trees are permanently screwed up.


San Juan Skyway (Colorado)

The 233 scenic roads have won itself as an All-American Road. The route goes through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Along the road are mining camps, national parks, and ski resorts. It you are planning to ride on this highway then you need to be very cautious as the highway comes with regular ascents and descents, drop-offs and s-curves. On the road, there is a 10,000 feet point where you can see a number of ghost towns. The road is full of wildlife scenes including mountain goats, black bears, mull dealers and others which are seen among the mountain peaks and waterfalls.