Shelby Cobra History / Carroll Shelby History

Many people who know about the 1966 Shelby Cobra learned it from the movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds,” about a man, played by Nicolas Cage, who had to steal several collector cars in a 24 hour period or be killed by a ruthless gangster. But a real 1966 Shelby Cobra was sold a few years ago for more than $5 million, which was a record price for an American car sold at an auction.lets have a look at the History of Shelby cars in the 1960s and how they hit the limelight at the time.


In September 1964 Ford Motor Company and Shelby America formed a partnership to build high-performance Mustangs. Ford starts shipping stripped down Mustangs to Shelby and lets him do whatever he wants to them. The first 1965 Shelby GT 350 race and production cars were built in late 1964. They were only offered in white, and Shelby added a blue stripe down the side with the words GT 350. Under the hood Shelby put in an aluminum intake, which pushed the horsepower from 271 to 306; they also added a Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed transmission. The suspension received a larger front stabilizer bar, Koni shocks, and traction bars as well as a 1″ sway bar. On the more cosmetic side, the Mustangs were fitted with fiberglass hoods with functional scoops. The rear seat was removed to make way for the spare tire and competition seat belts were put in. These models were put on the market in January of 1965. They did not sell fast, but car enthusiasts were buying them, which was the target market.

In March of 1965, Shelby America moved production of the Mustangs to the Los Angeles International Airport. They started work on what would be the 1966 model. The 1966 GT350 would be offered in more than one color. It was available in black, red, green, and blue. Shelby America also offered a supercharged version of the GT350 as well as a convertible model. In November of 1965 Shelby works out a deal with Hertz to build Shelby GT 350H. He was initially given an order for 200, which is later upped to 1000.


The 1967 model year of the Shelby cars offered a new style. Ford was building a tougher looking car, and Shelby made it even more muscular by adding two scoops to the side and a spoiler. Many of the body components on the GT 350 were made of fiberglass. The biggest addition to the Shelby lineup was the GT 500. The Shelby 500 was the big-block version of the Shelby Mustang. It had a huge 428cu in. Police interceptor motor, which produced 355 horsepower. You could buy the car with either a C-6 Automatic Transmission or a Ford Toploader 4-Speed manual. It came with power steering and brakes. The 1966 Shelby is said to be still the fastest street legal car available, reportedly able to do 0-60 in just 3 seconds.



There were not a lot of changes made for the 1968 model year, except for some pretty extensive name changes. The Shelby Mustangs for this year were called the Shelby Cobra, and the GT500 was released as the GT500KR for King of the Road. Most of the changes were cosmetic, and Shelby produced a large number of convertibles for this model year.

In 1969 Ford completely redesigned the Mustang line. Shelby made some dramatic cosmetic changes to the car, he extended the entire nose of the car using fiberglass and put five scoops on the hood alone. The engine was the same but was also offered as a 351. 1969 would be the last year of the Shelby Mustangs. As sales slowed dramatically, the partnership between Ford and Shelby America ended. The remaining 1969 models would be updated to 1970 specifications and sold. In December of 1969 Shelby America closed its doors. It would be the end of an era for American muscle cars. Experts consider the 1969 Shelby Cobra to be the epitome of high-performance muscle cars.

A History of Alfa Romeo Cars

Alfa Romeo is known as a flamboyant Italian auto manufacturing company, established in around 1911 within a small town in the heart of Italy. Earlier recognized by: A-L-F-A, which is an abbreviation which stands for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. N.Romeo bought A-L-F-A in around 1915-1916. Romeo’s last name was used for the companies brand name. There first automobile was built in the 1920’s which was the first auto created entirely by his organisation. Cliquishness and personality over the decades has become a famous attribute for Alfa’s. This is due to the choice the customer gets when purchasing their cars, such as the choice of engines, fixtures and fittings. Alfa also offers other selections that enable clients to design the car that meets their requirements.

To promote this variety of equipment due to a growth & reaction to the developing number of pleas from the manufacturer is the rationality that Alfa had an advantage compared to other manufacturers. Alfa Romeo certainly improved the individual Alfa Personal Platform, the function of the cars were to allow clients to create their motorcars more to be refined and individual.

The Alfa Romeo Personalisation platform is now accessible on the total range of motorcars. Remaining with the experience of the Alfa Rome GT, the model defines its schemes set precision and confidence. The greatest attribute of the personal plan is to provide individualism for each client to fine-tune their auto’s to show each customer’s personality within their automobile. This allows them to change an already unique automobile into something special. The Alfa Romeo Platform carries the greatest Italian productions. It now offers this privilege to the old Alfa Romeo examples.


Recognized as one of the powerful makes in car history, N.Romeo beyond a shadow of a doubt presses up the art of Italian life. It is a clear mix of tradition and contemporary, heritage and the avant-garde, stunner and cultivation. To develop the already individual feature by Alfa, Alfa Romeo has produced the Alfa-Unica Personal Programme, which made its introduction at the Frankfurt in Germany, suggesting it will be available soon. It gives dedicated customers the opportunity to change a beautiful automobile into a particular venire of how Italy should be represented.

Overall, Alfa Romeo provides its customers a unique personal program that has been named special Alfa. This leaves 3 individual avenues for more personal preferences and individualization. The Alfa Unica programme starts at the new Alfa 8C Competizione. This could be personalized to each customers own specs. The overall goal of Alfa was to give the privilege to all of its productions. It allows purchasers to choose one of three personal options as section for Alfa Romeo. It has a great deal of the strongest Italian productions and provides clients to make there autos more personal and individual.


Falling to financial free fall after the war contracts had ended, Nicola Romeo parted with the company, leaving the government to intervene in the market place to save the manufacture. The company continued to make high end exotic cars for wealthy clientele. World War Two saw the factory bombed, shattering the company’s finances, which resulted in Alfa Romeo in desperate times, unable to produce a company profit. The time for mass production of smaller and less luxurious cars was on the cards, seeing the introduction of the Giuliette series of cars.



Aluminum Wheel Production In the Karting World

The alloy wheels fare much better than their steel counterparts. The wheels are much more durable, light weight, and much more stylish looking than the ordinary steel wheels. The alloys used to make these wheels is made from a combination of different metals like aluminum, magnesium, which make it more flexible and strong. These alloys are made after umpteen complex processes. This unique manufacturing process is the reason behind their durability and ability to absorb the pressures associated with a driving vehicle.


When considering alloy aluminum wheels you aren’t considering wheels made out of the same flimsy silver material. These wheels are made with an alloy and are strong if not stronger than steel. Steel wheels have a greater chance of bending if you hit something hard. These alloy wheels are strong enough to be acceptable for the rigorous standards Scrambler motorcycle.

Alloy wheels are first made by melting aluminum alloy at extremely high temperatures and then pouring it into a preformed cast. After the metal sets and cools it is trimmed by a machine and then inspected for any imperfections. If there are imperfections on the wheel it is recycled. After all this is finished, the wheels are then sent to a huge oven for heat treatment. This process makes the wheel harder and more durable.


After the heat treatment is over the wheels are then polished to even out the surface for painting. Most manufacturers will test the wheels for leaks after painting to ensure top quality. Some manufacturers will subject the wheels to salt spray tests to check the corrosion resistance level. They are also tested for durability against everyday occurrences, like potholes and curbs. They are then subjected to various impact tests to see what kind of abuse the wheels can take. If the results are not up to par, they are recycled and new wheels are made. Of course the thorough abuse tests are only performed on prototype wheels. The wheels that pass all these tests for durability are then mass produced and sold to the public.

The final step in the process starts with the f1r wheels being sprayed with primer. They are then inspected for any imperfections that may have been missed before. If they pass this inspection they go on to be powder-coated. The wheels must pass one last inspection before hitting the store shelves. They are a bit more expensive than regular steel wheels, but they are cheaper to replace if ever needed.

So, more and more manufacturers and people are now opting for alloy wheels, not because of their style quotient but also due to their performance. Due to light weight, the Scrambler motorcycle having alloy wheels consume less fuel as compared to those with heavy wheels. Also, those having alloy wheels will have more handling and more grip on the roads. It also gives a better balance to your Scrambler motorcycle, and can decrease the pressure on the body and suspensions.

Whether you are choosing alloy wheels for aesthetics or safety you will not be disappointed. They are built to last with several hundred styles to choose from.